Moving the Kinded Spirit Mailbox & the New Bench

September and October, 2011


On September 1, 2011, a group of volunteers organized by Jacqueline DeGroot met at the 40th Street beach access to hike to the mailbox on Bird Island. Because erosion during Hurricane Irene left the mailbox and bench unstable, the group moved both further from the sea. The photos below demonstrate the remarkable camaraderie of the volunteers, showing the support and friendship found in Sunset Beach. Frank Nesmith, who helped erect the first mailbox and those since then, was in the group.
Going to work, photo by Sharon L. Maple
Beginning the task, photo by Sharon L. Maple
Moving the bench
Final adjustments with Frank Nesmith checking the bench
Volunteer Sandy making Victory sign!
The first visitor arrives
Volunteers, photo by Sharon L. Maple
Volunteers, photos by Sharon L. Maple
Frank Nesmith, a Kindred Spirit Mailbox lover, reports having taken care of the mailbox for 36 years.
New Bench
New Bench erected by anonymous friends of the Kindred Spirit Mailbox, October 2011
photos by Jacqueline DeGroot