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March 26 - March 29, 2007

This web page is dedicated to visitors from around the US, Canada, Nova Scotia & the SC Aquarium who unloaded & reloaded my collection gear daily during both visits while I had fractures. It also is dedicated to Dan Carter, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, for his guidance regarding sites to photograph, to Piggly Wiggly staff who saved me steps, to firemen & a gentleman who unloaded & then reloaded my car with heavy buckets of ocean water & animals, & to the staff of Atwood Vacations, especially Courtney Druell.

The first charming site on Hwy. 174, on the way to Edisto Island

Live Oak Canopy Trees with Spanish Moss on Botany Bay Road
More serenity on Botany Bay Road
Allen A.M.E. Church on Botany Bay Road
The "Mystery Tree" in the marsh at the junction of Hwy. 174 & Botany Bay Road.
Bottle Brush Bush at a home next to the Beach Access parking lot at Ebb Tide Street
Narrow houses built to comply with setback requirments
Photos taken on the South Edisto River end of Edisto Island where I found the most marine life
Tricolored Heron
Brown Pelican
Rather than being photos of a very plump pelican, these are photos of two pelicans sharing a piling.
Blue Crab
Laughing Gull
Photos taken from a condo overlooking the Edisto Marina
Kayaks at the marina
Directly opposite sunset, the sky over the marina mellowed with the colors cast skyward by the setting sun.
A Lightning Whelk
Sea Anemones
Purple Sea Urchins
The Dawhoo Bridge over the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway, the only bridge to Edisto Island
A fisherman patiently waiting for a bite