Marine Life of Sunset Beach, NC

excluding mollusks (seashells) and most fish

This is only a partial list. Sample photos below.

Acorn Barnacles
Amphipods, various species
Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks
Australian Spotted Jellyfish, invasive
Blue Buttons
Blue Crabs
Box Jellyfish
Brittle Stars, various species
Brown Finger Sponges
Calico Crabs
Cannonball or Cabbage Head Jellyfish
Colonial Tunicates
Cownose Stingrays
Decorated Tube Worms
Fiddler Crabs
Flat-clawed Hermit Crabs
Forbes Sea Stars
Ghost Crabs
Ghost Shrimp
Goose Barnacles
Grass Shrimp
Hairy Sea Cucumbers
Hermit Anemones
Horseshoe Crabs
Iridescent Swimming Crabs
Isopods, various species
Lady Crabs
Lepidopa Websteri Crabs
Lined Sea Star
Loggerhead Sea Turtles
Long-wristed Hermit Crabs
Luidia alternata
Mantis Shrimp
Marginated or Beaded Sea Stars
Megabalanus coccopoma, invasive barnacle
Moon Jellyfish
Onion Anemones
Peppermint Shrimp
Permit Fish
Polychaete Worms and Worm Tubes
Porcelain Crabs
Portuguese Man-of War
Purse Crabs
Red Beard Sponges
Rubbery Bryozoans
Sabellarid Worms and Worm Tubes
Sand Dollars
Sargassum Crabs
Sea Pansies
Sea Squirts
Sea Urchins, white
Sea Urchins, purple
Sea Whip Barnacles
Sea Whips
Smooth Dogfish Sharks
Snapping Shrimp
Spaghetti Worms
Speckled Crabs
Spider Crabs
Spineback Hairy Crabs
Star Coral
Stone Crabs
Striped Burrfish
Striped Hermit Crabs
Thyonella Gemmata
Tidal Spray Crabs
Various other sea anemones
Various other barnacles
Various other crabs
Various other fish
Various other sponges
Various other stingrays
Warty Sea Anemones
Colonial Tunicate
Forbes Sea Star
Horseshoe Crab Molt
Moon Jellyfish
Red Beard Sponge
Ghost Crab
Sand Dollar
Spider Crab -- unable to pinch you
Sea Whip - soft coral
Sea Anemone
Stone Crab
Spineback Hairy Crab