August 2007

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My Rufous Hummingbird returned for the fourth year on 08/09/07. He brings me great joy. I have photographed him and his Ruby-throat Hummingbird friends, and made separate web pages for each species. His tongue is visible in the photo on the above right.
With his mother's gentle encouragement, this toddler overcame his fear of the waves, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/25/07
Royal Terns, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/25/07
Two colonial tunicates, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/13/07
One of many Channeled Whelks found on Sunset Beach, NC on 08/10/07 -- periostracum evident
Lettered Olive, juvenile, walking on Sunset Beach, NC, 08/10/07
A child from Carolina Shores, NC, holding a young octopus on Sunset Beach, NC, (L) and a line of people surrounding him when he carried it to deep water to release, (R), 08/07/07
Royal Tern, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/04/07
The juvenile Royal Tern on the left is begging the adult on the right, while the elder tern ignored the young one. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/04/07
Laughing Gull feeding juvenile Laughing Gull, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/02/07
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