December 28, 2006

The Green Swamp, Holden Beach & Sharky's on Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Copyright 2006 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

My son Bruce, from Charlotte, NC, and I took a walk in the Green Swamp that was unsuccessful due to standing water. Next we walked briefly on Holden Beach. I collected a sampling of shells but did not have time to rinse them. We had sandwiches at Sharky's, an Ocean Isle Beach landmark.
Two of many of a species of an unidentified plant at the roadside in the Green Swamp.
Pine Seedling
Olive, jingle, surf clams, mussel, arc shells, cockle, egg cockle, disk dosinia, cross-barred Venus, turkey wing, slipper shell and scallop.
Bruce in Sharky's
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