February 16, 2007

Photos from Sunset Beach, NC, & microscope photos of some items

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Today I only found seaweed, two sea anemones and one knobbed whelk occupied by a hermit crab. Of course there were thousands of shells that I ignored. Later while inspecting seaweed at home I found at least a thousand amphipods including the bizzare brown one shown below. Because I was tired, I put about 20 others into one Petrie dish. They soon became entangled. I did not separate them for individual photos.

I am having serious problems with lighting while photographing through my microscope, and I can seldom get an entire object to fit into the frame. It must be approximately 1/16 inch-wide to fit.




Isopod, Erichsonella filiformis
Two crabs
Two sets of eggs ?
First mussel
Minute barnacle from seaweed
Second mussel
The inner tip of a minute mussel
Sea whip skeleton
Something found in seaweed, perhaps man-made
Parts of a worm
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