February 23, 2007

Photos from Cherry Grove Beach, SC, & microscope photos of a few items

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Today I took a brief walk on the beach at high tide, an experiment. I wanted to see if items freshly washed up that I always see on the high tide line at Cherry Grove Beach contained small animals. They did, but I didn't photograph many of them.

Blue Sky
Birds of a feather....
Military plane, poosibly a C17 out of Charleston, SC
Seawhip barnacle, Conopea galeata
The side of a small barnacle
Seawhip barnacle, Conopea galeata
Isopod middle
Isopod head
Isopod tail
Isopod head upside down
Isopod tail upside down
Isopod middle upside down
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