February 6, 2007

Photos from Sunset Beach, NC, & microscope photos of some items

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Today I walked briefly on Sunset Beach, finding beauty and a small fish. I picked up pieces of sponges that had minute crabs in them, and inadvertently brought home a live sand dollar, intending to look at worm tubes on top of it.

The ocean and strand



Sanderling digging for dinner
I am posting this photo because I like the waves!
Moonfish, Selene setapinnis
Brittle star, aboral side left and oral side right
The first of many crabs 1/16" wide found on a sponge
The second of the tiny crabs. These photos demonstrate the inability to have more than one plane of a specimen in focus at a time
Crab eyes and rostrum
Something squishy found on a sponge
The lunule of a sand dollar with moving tube feet
Items on the aboral surface of a sand dollar that moved incessantly
Portion of a tiny ribbed mussel
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