January 20, 2007

Photos from Edisto Beach, SC, & microscope photos of some items

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

I spent three days this week on Edisto Island, SC. I only found three live marine animals on the part of the beach that is not within the State Park -- a vast difference from Sunset Beach, NC. Because the sun never came out, I took few photos. I photographed the sponges, seawhips and barnacles indoors, followed by microscope photos when I returned home.
Knobbed Whelk dug up and photographed in heavy rain -- with the second photo a close-up shot of his extended white mantle
Mussells, Brachidontes exustus
Megabalanus coccopoma, an invasive species of barnacle, surrounded by local barnacles and the mussel Brachidontes exustus
Great Blue Heron
Sea foam
Black Skimmer joining his friends
Black Skimmers

Sea urchins and knobbed whelk.

The sea urchins crawled onto the knobbed whelk that was firmly adhering to the side of the bucket. I used an aerator until I was able to deliver them to a South Carolina facility.

Simnia attached to the Seawhip on the right
Seawhip, on the right, with a cluster of three Seawhip Barnacles, Conopea galeata, on it shown on the left
Sponge -- close-up photo on right
Hydrozoan Tubularia crocea
Individual strands of Tubularia crocea
Tips of Tubularia crocea
Small portions of Seawhips
Seawhip Barnacle, Conopea galeata, on Seawhip
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