January 23, 2007

Photos from Sunset Beach, NC & microscope photos of some items

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Although I'm concerned about global warming, the sun never shone during my visit to Edisto Island, SC, last week nor did it shine yesterday. Although I saw hundreds of large cockle shells and scores of worm casings, I only picked up the items shown below.
Live Channeled Whelk
Sand dollars with worm tubes; The one on the top left in the left photo was found closer to the ocean. The other three were dry and at the high tide line -- unusual. The top left one had live worms.
Giant Atlantic Cockle Shells
Knobbed Whelks - young
The well-eaten carcass of an adult Northern gannet
Coral on a small pen shell
Ark shell, baby's ear, and disk dosinia shell
Star coral. The cluster on the right was 3/16" wide.
Crab, approx. 1/4", found in seaweed
Crab, approx. 1/4", found in seaweed
Crab, the size of am amphipod, found in seaweed
Amphipod -- probably
Possibly part of a siphonophore
Worms. They are difficult to photograph because they move while I am using a 2-second shutter speed to let in light.
Sponge with amphipod - small section of one branch
Sponge with debris in a fork
Sections of the sponge showing what might be excurrent pores - oscula. I zoomed in further for the right photo.
A portion of the pen shell shown far above on the left viewed through the microscope
Dawn behind my house today, January 24, while I was making this webpage
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