January 28, 2007

Photos from Sunset Beach, NC & microscope photos of some items

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

This was a good catch-up walk after traveling and other tasks. I think that I failed to turn on the microscope lamp for many photos. I had to brighten them significantly, altering their hue.

I have begun to identify some photos as "something." This is because I am stretched too thin doing everything from rescuing animals to identifying amphipods. I neither want to bother experts nor become obsessed.

Cloudy Morning
Brown finger sponge with two sections
Whelk egg case -- strangely colored
Channeled Whelk - juvenile
Knobbed and Channeled Whelks -- both live
Giant Atlantic Cockle Shell filled with sea foam
Giant Atlantic Cockle Shell
Sunray Venus -- the 2nd one I have found in 12 years
Tubularia crocea -- my first underwater photos. There is much to learn.
Barnacle closed (L) and open (R). These had hard shells and stuck up more than 1/8" on a horseshoe crab shell.
Barnacle -- open
Barnacles at edge of horseshoe crab shell
Something squishy and microscopic
Live mollusk the same size as the preceding item, literally microscopic. I was unable to identify it.
Tiny beads on a tiny bracelet found in seaweed
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