June 2007

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

These are more catch-up photos from my "down" time.

A sea star not usually found on Sunset Beach, NC, 06/05/07, after Tropical Depression Barry
An Anemone that I am raising, 06/23/07 & 06/30/07
Fiddler Crab, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/08/07
Fiddler Crab Pseudofeces, 06/27/07
Kayakers,Sunset Beach, NC, 06/13/07
Knobbed Whelk emerging from sand, 06/13/07
Anemone & Moon Snail, 6/30/07
Brown Thrasher from an abandoned nest, 06/20/07
Leach's Storm-Petrel, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/03/07, during the end of Tropical Depression Barry
Cardinal, 06/30/07
Downy Woodpecker, 06/30/07
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