June 2008

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American Oystercatchers
American Oystercatchers
Haematopus palliatus
American Oystercatchers, Haematopus palliatus, adults and day-old chicks, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/05/08
Stomolophus jellyfish
unidentified jellyfish
Stomolophus jellyfish, two specimens, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/05/08
Cownose ray
Rhinoptera bonasus
Cownose ray, Rhinoptera bonasus, mutilated, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/05/08
Cownose ray
School of Cownose rays, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/05/08. Rays migrate through the area each May and June.
salt water aquarium
This aquarium medley needs an explanation. The primary character is a 4-inch long Knobbed Whelk that has a Type B personality and remains in the same place. Two anemones reside on its shell. Yesterday I brought home an Atlantic Surf Clam for the whelk to eat. I placed it nearby. Two hours later when I went to check, I saw the whelk raised up with its mantle around the clam (the dark beige oval above the Channeled Whelk. A Spider Crab (right) that I also brought home was inspecting the whelk. A Striped Hermit Crab inside a Channeled Whelk shell joined in. A third anemone is on the right wall of the aquarium. These animals are all from Sunset Beach, NC, 06/05/08
sea hare
sea hare
Sea Hare, genus Aplysia, from Holden Beach, NC, 06/03/08
cactus buds
cactus bloom
Cactus buds and bloom, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/02/08
Lettered Olives
Oliva sayana
Lettered Olives, Oliva sayana, crawling, proboscis upright on right one in each photo, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/02/08