March 5, 2007

Photos from Edisto Beach, SC

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Although I found little, I met three very pleasant folks from Pennsylvania at the end who loaded my gear into my car. I am overcome by the helpfulness of people -- even students from Davidson College.

Vapor Trail
Two photos of the same barnacle, at least an inch high by an inch wide, on the bottom end of a groin rock, probably Balanus venustus
Either a fossilized Keyhole Limpet or a spinal disc. If it is a Keyhole Limpet, it is a large species not currently found in NC. I don't know what liveng species currently are found in SC.
Maybe a sea spider, not even 1/32 of an inch wide -- upside down on right
An Edisto Island Sponge, a species we do not have in Brunswick County, NC
Crab, not even 1/32 of an inch wide
Purse crab -- live, large and being taken to a marine facility
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