March 8, 2007

Photos from Edisto Beach, SC

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

This was my final day on Edisto Island. I tasted the beauty of one back road, photographed two beautiful churches and photographed two of the very narrow homes that fascinated me. I would love to return to photograph more of the beauty of Edisto Island, especially wading birds and sunsets. I wanted to see more than the beach, but had little time. These are my final photos. I am indebted to Dan Carter, Executive Director of the Edisto Chamber of Commerce, for directing me to these beautiful sites. As soon as I can, I will make an overall Edisto Island webpage that combines photos from each day I spent there.

Canopy trees and Spanish moss on Botany Bay Road
Edisto Island Presbyterian Church
Trinity Episcopal Church
The tree to the left of Trinity Episcopal Church
One of many tiny flowers blooming across the street from the Episcopal Church
Two narrow houses
Two jellyfish
Black Skimmers -- There is a colony on the west end of Edisto Beach near St. Helena Sound. After 62 years I have identified a list of things that give me great joy. Black skimmers are among them. Feeding gulls by hand also does although I can't do that and take photos at the same time. Usually I recruit volunteers and teach them how to feed the gulls. On my last three walks I took Cheetos to have the pleasure.
The gull in the air has the Cheeto.
Another gull
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