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Banded Tulip
Cownose ray
Banded Tulip, Fasciolaria hunteria, Live, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/30/08
Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera bonasus, live, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/30/08
Cannonball Jellyfish
Spider Crabs
Cannonball Jellyfish, dead, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/30/08
Spider Crabs, live and moving, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/27/08
American flag
The flag at Callahan's Nautical Gifts, Calabash NC, 05/25//08 -- that is indeed the color of the sky; it even appears on the flag itself
Canada Geese
Canada Geese
Canada Geese living in a hotel parking lot, an indication of how humanity continues to encroach on the territory of other animals, Cary, NC, 05/23/08
Screech Owl
Screech Owl with vision problem, Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter, Oak Island, NC, 05/21/08
Starlings, Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter, Oak Island, NC, 05/21/08
Red-tailed Hawk, Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter, Oak Island, NC, 05/21/08. At first he watched me. When he either felt safe or bored, he raised one talon, ready to nap.

I took the remaining May photos on Edisto Island, SC between May 7 and May 14. Here is the link to a web page that I made about that trip:


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