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Photo Journal Spring 2013

Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2013. Photos may be used for educational purposes only. Contact me with inquiries.

Mushroom Jellyfish, Rhopilema verrilli, Sunset Beach, NC 05/25/13 -- This species is seldom found on Sunset Beach. It is much larger than Cannonball Jellyfish and harmless to humans. It seemed to have five oral arms dangling from its ventral side along with much feeding apparatus.

Luidia alternata, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/25/13. I found only one other specimen on Sunset Beach, seven years ago. See below.
Luidia alternata, Sunset Beach, NC, 09/01/06 -- This is the first specimen that I found.
Speckled Crab, Arenaeus cribrarius, covered with branching bryozoa, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/14/13
This is the top portion of the dune I climb on the far east end each time I go to Sunset Beach. Often strangers help me, particularly when I am leaving the beach. On the right is a close-up shot of a portion of the original path for emergency vehicles and the public designed by Spencer Rogers of UNCW. Normally it is buried under sand. Sunset Beach, NC, 05/15/13
I rarely see a Live Oak Tree that has not been trimmed because of utility lines or buildings. I was pleased to see this exceptionally wide tree when I stopped to check the shell-covered graves adjacent to it. Ocean Isle Beach, NC, 05/10/13
This is one of two shell-covered graves that I saw today. It appears that this was an infant that lived less than a day. There are Knobbed Whelks, Lightning Whelks, Giant Atlantic Cockles, Scallops and Giant Eastern Murex. Ocean Isle Beach, NC, 05/10/13
These are two photos of the Smiths' grave. There are Knobbed Whelks, Lightning Whelks, Giant Atlantic Cockles, Scallops and Giant Eastern Murex. There also were many weeds. When I pulled them, one of them stung my fingers in numerous places. Ocean Isle Beach, NC, 05/10/13.
One clump of Zephyranthes simpsonii, Red Margin Zephyr Lilies, found growing along Old Hwy. 179, Calabash, NC, 05/09/13
Blue-eyed Grass, a member of the Iris family. Sunset Beach, NC, 05/07/13
A week ago in the evening I saw these Zephyranthes simpsonii -- Red Margin Zephyr Lilies -- on the side of Old Hwy. 179. During the next few days I worked with wonderful people at the UNC Herbarium, NCDENR and especially NCDOT, Wilmington office. When the right engineer learned of this situation Monday morning, it became a top priority. Within 24 hours, yesterday, 5/8/13, No Mowing and No Parking signs had been erected. Now we will work together to find a better home for them and for other lilies growing under the new Sunset Beach bridge. Sunset Beach, NC, 04/30/13
Sea Turtle Mandible, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/30/13
This most likely is a Muricid egg case. I will try to determine the Genus and Species. Sunset Beach, NC, 04/30/13
Luidia Clathrata, Striped Sea Stars, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Argopecten gibbus, Atlantic Calico Scallops, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Atrina rigida, Stiff Penshell. left and Atrina seminuda, Half-naked Penshell, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Crepidula fornicata, Slipper Limpet, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Cyrtopleura costata, Angelwing, top and Petricolaria pholadiformis, False Angelwings, bottom, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Dosinia discus, Disk Dosinia, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Ensis megistus, Minor Jackknife, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Spisula raveneli, Southern Surfclams, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Leptogorgio virgulata, Sea Whip, attached to a Quahog shell serving as its substrate, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Opercula, each used by a gastropod or snail to close or cover its opening (aperture) after the animal retreats into its shell, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13
Probably a piece of sandstone that I thought could be a portion of a fossilized turtle shell, Pawley's Island, SC, 03/27/13