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Photo Journal, Summer 2013

Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2013. Photos may be used for educational purposes only. Contact me with inquiries.

Brittle Star, Ophioderma brevispinum, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/28/13
Hogchoker, Trinectes maculatus. Although it resembles flounders, it is in a separate family, the flatfish family Achiridae. Android photo. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/28/13.
Horseshoe Crab, Limulus australis variant, exterior. This is the first nearly intact dead specimen I have found anywhere in 19 years. Previously I have found empty molts or exoskeletons. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/28/13
Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus, interior with Sea Whip tangled inside. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/28/13
Grinders surrounding mouth of Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/28/13
Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus, with ruler showing size of 11.5 inches. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/28/13
Cannonball Jellyfish, Stomolophus meleagris, juvenile about 2 inches in diameter. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/22/13
Reddish Egret, juvenile, dancing around while catching fish. Two different fish are shown. 08/21/13
Members of this family spent an hour trying to haul in a large fish. The fish dragged them down the beach. Eventually their fishing line broke. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/10/13
The view from the Jenks Creek side of the far east end of Sunset Beach. The area shown, along with much adjacent area, is a portion of the largest shorebird nesting area south of Wilmington. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/03/13
Box Jellyfish, Chiropsalmus quadrumanus. The "warts" on this species are visible. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/08/13

Video of Chiropsalmus quadrumanus still pulsating on my kitchen table, 08/03/13


Chrysaora, another species of Jellyfish, live. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/08/13
Reddish Egret, juvenile, Sunset Beach, NC, July 3, 2013 -- Note: this egret stands in the surf far down on the east end nearly daily.
This cabana succumbed to the strong wind. Sunset Beach, NC, 8/10/13
Striped Sea Star, Luidia clathrata, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/26/13
Box Jellyfish, Quadrumanus chiropsalmus, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/ 22/13
I had barely stepped onto the beach today when children ran toward me asking what I had found. While I had not yet found anything, they reported seeing a huge crab with a huge claw -- back there, near a tide pool, far away. A half hour later I found the Stone Crab, Menippe mercenaria. I took photos of it in the water and out and in my bucket and on sand. A gentleman joined me and took the lower two photos before releasing the crab in the ocean. In particular I loved the decoration on the smaller claw and legs. Sunset Beach, NC, 07/24/13
Atlantic Mole Crab, also called Sand Crab, Emerita talpoida -- referred to by some persons as Sand Crabs and Sand Fleas, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/20/13
Striped Sea Cucumber, Thyonella gemmata, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/13. I unsuccessfully searched for these for years at the request of a Smithsonian researcher who wanted specimens. Suddenly today I found six healthy live ones, all of which were released back into the ocean.
Wilson's Plover chick, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/09/13
Wilson's Plover chicks foraging at the edge of the ocean, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/09/13
Snake or Worm Eel, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/08/13
American Oystercatchers changing places at nesting site, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/27/13
American Oystercatcher on nest, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/27/13
Egg in nest, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/27/13
Wilson's Plover, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/27/13
Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus, live, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/14/13
Striped Sea Star, Luidia clathrata, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/15/13
Wilson's Plovers -- chick on left in left photo, and again in right photo, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/17/13